Cancer-Stricken Palestinian Woman Appeals for Urgent Treatment

Cancer-Stricken Palestinian Woman Appeals for Urgent Treatment

Over 470,000 Palestine refugees are registered with UNRWA in Lebanon, dozens among whom have been diagnosed with cancer. Photo credit: MAP

A Palestinian woman displaced from Syria to Lebanon has appealed to UNRWA, Palestinian factions, the Palestinian embassy in Lebanon, and the concerned international humanitarian organizations to help her secure treatment fees after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The refugee was quoted by the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria (AGPS) as stating that she needs six chemical doses that cost up to 18,000 USD. UNRWA pledged to shell out half the sum. The Palestinian embassy said it cannot disburse part of the needed amount due to the financial crisis it has been facing.

AGPS said it has kept the refugee’s name secret at her own request.

Over 470,000 refugees are registered with UNRWA in Lebanon.  About 45 per cent of them live in the country’s 12 refugee camps. Conditions in the camps are dire and characterized by overcrowding, poor housing conditions, unemployment, poverty and lack of access to healthcare services. 

Palestinians in Lebanon do not enjoy several important rights; for example, they cannot work in many professions and cannot own property (real estate). Because they are not formally citizens of another state, Palestine refugees are unable to claim the same rights as other foreigners living and working in Lebanon.

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