Jordan: Israel's Annexation of Jordan Valley Would Blow Up Two-State Solution

Jordan: Israel's Annexation of Jordan Valley Would Blow Up Two-State Solution

The Jordan Valley accounts for about one-third of the West Bank. Credit: Reuters

Israel's annexation of the Jordan Valley in the occupied Palestinian territories would blow up the foundations of the peace process and destroy the two-state solution, ending all chances of achieving peace, warned Jordanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ayman Safadi on Thursday.

Safadi told Jordanian News Agency (Petra) that the ongoing Israeli measures to expand settlements, confiscate Palestinian land, and declare plans to annex the Palestinian part of the Jordan Valley are illegal measures that violate international law and dismantle peace prospects.

Safadi warned that Israel's endeavors to undermine the two-state solution through its illegal measures aim at imposing new facts on the ground and threaten to kill all chances of achieving a lasting peace.

The minister pointed out that King Abdullah II has been spearheading intensive and continuous efforts to launch an effective international movement to resolve the conflict on the basis of a two-state solution.

The minister warned that “the killing of hope for peace means fueling despair, undermining moderation, allowing extremism to prevail, and pushing the region towards further conflict and violence.”

Safadi also sounded the alarm over the consequences of the simmering Israeli violations against Muslim and Christian holy sites in occupied Jerusalem.

The Jordan Valley, which stretches north of the Dead Sea and west of the occupied West Bank's borders with Jordan, constitutes around 30 per cent of the total occupied West Bank.

According to local and international NGOs, including Israeli watchdog B’Tselem, Israel denies Palestinians living in the Jordan Valley, as well as other areas in the West Bank, access to land, water and electricity, making living conditions tough.

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