Palestinian Refugee Appeals for Urgent Kidney Donation

Palestinian Refugee Appeals for Urgent Kidney Donation

Palestinian refugees scattered across the Near East have been deprived of vital services. (Mohammed Asad/APA images)

A Palestinian refugee from Syria has launched appeals for a kidney donation to save his life before it is too late, human rights sources have reported.

The Action Group for Palestinians of Syria (AGPS) said Mahmoud Hdeiri, from Syria’s AlNeirab refugee camp, in Aleppo, has sounded distress signals over his deteriorating health condition.

Mahmoud is diagnosed with kidney failure and undergoes hemodialysis sessions.

The refugee also called on the international humanitarian institutions and all concerned parties to help him secure the transplantation fees.

Palestinian refugees taking shelter in refugee camps set up across the ravaged Syrian territories continue to sound distress signals over the absence of healthcare services and life-saving medical kit.

Most of the clinics and medical centers in Syria have gone out of operation as a result of the bloody shootouts, leaving hundreds of civilians without medical treatment.

Dozens of sick and elderly civilians face mountainous and life-threatening journeys trying to reach distant clinics for treatment.


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