Hundreds of Displaced Palestinian Refugees Flee Beleaguered Idlib to Turkish Border

Hundreds of Displaced Palestinian Refugees Flee Beleaguered Idlib to Turkish Border

A displaced girl rides in the back of a truck as people displaced from the south of Idlib province arrive at a camp for the internally displaced near Deir Ballout, near the Turkish border on Feb. 4. GETTY IMAGES

With tensions and bloodshed reaching a zenith in Idlib, dozens of displaced Palestinian families fled the embattled northern Syrian province to the Turkish borders, as they rummaged around for a safe shelter.

As snow fell on northern Syria this past week, it covered thousands of fleeing families unable to find even a piece of tarp to shelter themselves.

Some 250 Palestinian families taking refuge in Idlib headed for the Turkish borderlands for fear of being killed in the ferocious strikes launched by the Syrian government forces and their Russian abettors.

The wintry weather, along with the bloody onslaught by the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has turned the flight of displaced civilians in Idlib and Aleppo toward the Turkish border into the biggest humanitarian crisis yet in a war that for almost a decade has normalized mass atrocities.

The lucky among them stay with relatives or rent a home, but very few can afford this. Homeowners in areas abutting the Turkish border are charging the displaced exorbitant sums in rent.

A number of families who attempted to illegally enter the Turkish territories have been caught on the border after the Turkish gendarmerie tightened security grip on migrant crossings.

According to new data from the United Nations, since Dec. 1, 2019, 689,000 civilians have been displaced by the government’s offensive against the last opposition holdout in Idlib, most of them women and children. Some 100,000 have been displaced only in the past week.

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