Victims of Deadly Fire at Gaza Refugee Camp Laid to Rest

Victims of Deadly Fire at Gaza Refugee Camp Laid to Rest

Gaza authorities said they would offer cash assistance to the injured and families of the dead [Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters]

Palestinian civilians who were killed in the wildfire that broke out on Thursday in the Nuseirat and al-Bureij refugee camps in the central Gaza Strip were laid to rest in local cemeteries.

According to local sources, Palestinian families bid last farewell to the 11 Palestinians who were killed when a fire ravaged a packed market in Nuseirat refugee camp. Thousands of Palestinians marched in the funeral processions.

As many as 11 Palestinian people were killed on Thursday and over 50 others injured when wildfires broke out in a bakery at Nusseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.

According to medical sources and eye-witnesses, the fire was caused by a gas explosion at the bakery, resulting in several deaths, injuries, and heavy material destruction.

The list of casualties includes at least four children, three women and two men, along with 15 critically-injured people.

At the same time, at least three residential buildings, 22 vehicles, four cinder block factories, a bakery, two restaurants, a carpentry, 50 stalls for peddlers, and an institute for the handicapped were totally destroyed by the wildfire.

Gaza, a Palestinian enclave which covers 140 square miles (365 square km) along the Mediterranean Sea, is home to some two million people. Israel maintains a blockade of the Strip, citing security pretexts.

Israel has over the past decade launched three major onslaughts on Gaza that have heavily damaged much of the enclave’s infrastructure.

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