Volunteers Collect Signatures on “My Return” Petition in Jordan Refugee Camp

Volunteers Collect Signatures on “My Return” Petition in Jordan Refugee Camp

“My Return” volunteers tour Nasr refugee camp. Photo credit: Myreturn.net

Volunteer staff from “My Return” campaign toured AlNasr camp for Palestinian refugees in the Jordanian capital city Amman in an attempt to garner signatures on a petition confirming Palestinians’ non-negotiable commitment to their right of return to their homeland—Palestine.

The field tour saw the day following a meeting held at the office of the local reconstruction committee. In attendance was the committee’s member Kusay AlDumeisi, and MP Yehya AlSaoud, chairman of the Palestine Committee of the Jordanian Parliament. A number of NGO representatives and pro-Palestine activists also showed up in the meeting.

Residents of AlNasr refugee camp lauded the international campaign which they said is a key tool to speak up for Palestinians’ inalienable rights and draw the international community’s attention to the refugee plight.

Similar field tours are slated to take place across the Kingdom of Jordan and Palestinian refugee camps in the MENA region to collect more signatures and mobilize wider support for the campaign.

“My Return” initiative is an international campaign launched by the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) in partnership with Palestinian and international human rights partners and NGOs in order to amass the largest possible number of signatures showing Palestinians’ unyielding commitment to their right of return to their homeland—a right guaranteed by International Law and relevant UN resolutions.

The campaign officially saw the day in Jordan, before it was launched in Lebanon and Turkey.

The campaign comes at a time when efforts have been intensified by Israel and its allies, most notably the US, to negate Palestinians’ refugee status and, as a result, rescind their right of return to their homeland and delegitimize any institution providing assistance to the refugees, such as UNRWA.

The right of return refers to the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland from which they have been expelled since 1948. It implies both first-generation refugees and their descendants, regardless of their place of birth or residence and their political, social, and economic condition.

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