Palestinian Ministry Urges Stranded Palestinians in Turkey to Contact Embassy

Palestinian Ministry Urges Stranded Palestinians in Turkey to Contact Embassy

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign and Expatriates’ Affairs has called on Palestinians stranded in Turkey, after the government took strict measures to prevent a further outbreak of the coronavirus, to reach out to the ministry or the Palestine Embassy in Turkey for assistance.

Palestine Ambassador to Turkey Faed Mustafa tasked the spokesman of the Palestinian community in the Turkish province of Antalya to keep tabs on the condition of trapped refugees and take notice of their needs.

The Foreign Ministry said in a press statement that it has been following up on the situation of Palestinians trapped at Antalya Airport.

The number of coronavirus cases in Turkey rose to 47 on Monday, with 29 new cases confirmed, the country's health minister said.

"All recent 29 cases are directly or indirectly related to the United States, Middle East and Europe, while 3 cases have arrived from Umrah," Turkey's Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said on Twitter.

The increase is the largest the country has witnessed and comes after Ankara administered a myriad of measures aimed at curbing the potential of a huge and unmanageable outbreak.

Earlier on Monday, the Turkish government banned flights from six countries - Egypt, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates - after it had already banned flights to and from nine European countries.

On the same day, Turkey's Ministry of Religious Affairs decided to cancel all congregational worship, including Friday prayers, until the threat from the disease passes.

Mosques would still be open to worshippers for individual prayer, but any form of congregational or collective prayer will not be allowed, it said.

Turkey has already shut down schools, universities, bars, nightclubs and dance venues, as well as cinemas, cafes, Turkish baths, amusement parks and swimming pools, to help stop the spread of the disease.

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