Palestinians among Several Asylum Seekers Urging Greece to Open its Borders

Palestinians among Several Asylum Seekers Urging Greece to Open its Borders

Moria has some 20,000 migrants and asylum seekers. It is designed for 3,000 (Photo: Save the Children)

Hundreds of asylum seekers, including Palestinians, stranded at the Turkish and Greek borders have staged protests to urge Greece to allow safe passage into European territory.

 According to Anadolu Agency, asylum seekers trapped in Turkey’s northwestern Edirne province and near Greece’s Kastanies border gate carried signs saying “We are human” and “We need help”.

Palestinian refugees among thousands of other asylum seekers fear overcrowding in migrant facilities set up at Greek borders will bring about a swift propagation of the deadly coronavirus.

In the two weeks since asylum seekers were able to reach the border, nearly 2,500 have been wounded by Greek border guards using disproportionate force and violence.

Last month, Turkey opened its borders for asylum seekers seeking a way to Europe, accusing the EU of failing to keep promises under a 2016 migrant deal.

Ankara also warned that due to incessant attacks on civilians in Idlib, Syria, a million refugees are moving toward Turkey’s borders.

Thousands of Palestinian refugees have been taking shelter on Greek islands, to which they fled onboard migrant “death boats”.

This week, the Greek government has imposed a curfew on refugees and migrants in the overcrowded Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, as part of its response against the coronavirus pandemic.

The measures come as Athens bans large public gatherings and demands social distancing to curb the spread of Covid-19, a highly-contagious virus with no known cure.

But in Moria, where some 20,000 people are already stuck in a camp designed for 3,000, the move comes amid heightened fears of an unabated outbreak.

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