Palestinian Refugee Families to Go Homeless in Lebanon

Palestinian Refugee Families to Go Homeless in Lebanon

A Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon [File photo]

A number of Palestinian refugee families in Lebanon said they risk to go homeless after they failed to pay house rents for months, human rights sources have reported.

The families said their children will remain without roofs over their heads as most refugee breadwinners have gone unemployed, amid grave economic hurdles brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

UN data indicates that Palestinian refugees in Lebanon continue to face high vulnerability and marginalization, making them heavily reliant on humanitarian support to cover their basic needs. The socio-economic hardships and unrest experienced by the country have compounded the refugees’ already dire living conditions.

The majority of the Palestinian refugee population in Lebanon live in poverty and are unable to meet even their most essential food requirements.

The refugees’ vulnerability is further compounded by their precarious legal status. The lack of a valid legal status, often coupled with outdated civil registration documents, results in severely restricted freedom of movement for some PRS in Lebanon due to fear of arrest, detention or forced deportation.

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