On Holy Eid, Palestinians in Northern Syria Enduring Squalid Conditions

On Holy Eid, Palestinians in Northern Syria Enduring Squalid Conditions

Civilians seen fleeing towards the Turkish border, escaping airstrikes of Assad regime forces and Russia, in northwestern Syria’s Idlib de-escalation zone, on February 13, 2020 [Muhammed Said / Anadolu Agency]

As the holy Eid AlFitr (Fast-breaking festival) has been celebrated by Muslims across the globe, Palestinian refugees in northern Syria have been deprived of the joy ordinarily sparked by such an occasion.

In a place where neither vital facilities nor leisure amenities are made available, the advent of Eid meant that dozens of displaced Palestinian and Syrian families spend the occasion in their poorly-equipped tents.

“The war took away our families and friends from us” Khaled, a Palestinian refugee displaced from Rif Dimashq, told the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria (AGPS). “Now we’re sharing our pain and joy with our new friends and neighbors in the displacement camp”.

Another refugee—Hamza—said: “Eid comes in the midst of a darkness and sorrow sparked by displacement, despair, and economic hardship”.

Hamza, who was displaced from Khan Eshieh, expressed his wish to meet his father in the camp and visit his mother’s tomb.

Hundreds of Palestinian and Syrian families who have been forcibly deported to northern Syria have been grappling with an abject humanitarian situation as most of them have been taking cover in underequipped tents and denied access to vital facilities and services.

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