Committee Assesses Yarmouk’s New Organizational Plan

Committee Assesses Yarmouk’s New Organizational Plan

The bombing of Yarmouk has displaced thousands of Palestinian refugees and left massive destruction. (Photo: via Social Media)

The General Authority for Palestinian Arab Refugees (GAPAR) tasked a new five-member committee to thoroughly re-assess the new organizational plan issued by the Damascus governorate to rehabilitate Yarmouk Camp.

The committee is expected to note down legal objections to the plan and the protection concerns it raises for the Palestinian refugee community.

The report is slated to be submitted to GAPAR’s Director Ali Mustafa in ten days. The committee is entitled to seek assistance from concerned parties to reach a set of findings taking into account the residents’ rights and facilitating their return to their homes.

Over recent months, activists have called on the Syrian authorities in Damascus to re-examine the new organizational plan put forth by Damascus governorate to rehabilitate Yarmouk Camp and to rather implement the old plan which was approved in 2004.

The activists said plans that do not take into account Palestinians’ inalienable rights make part of underway conspiracies to further displace the Palestinian people and destroy displacement camps as living witnesses to their refugee plight.

They raised concerns that the new organizational plan will remarkably change the demographic and architectural identity of the camp. Several buildings and facilities will be removed, which will lead to a mass displacement of refugee families and a further deterioration of their humanitarian condition.

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