Palestinian Family on Verge of Homelessness in Jordan

Palestinian Family on Verge of Homelessness in Jordan

Refugees at the makeshift camp between Syria and Jordan on 1 March 2017 [KHALIL MAZRAAWI/AFP/Getty Images]

A Palestinian refugee family is about to go homeless in the Jordanian capital city of Amman as it has failed to secure rental fees for months, reported human rights sources.

Palestinian refugee Abu Abdul Rahman, displaced from Syria’s Yarmouk Camp, said his family has been struggling for survival in Amman due to difficulties in accessing the local labor market and absence of relief assistance.

The family has been unable to provide for themselves and pay power/water bills. Abu Abdul Rahman’s health condition has deteriorated as a result of cardiovascular disorders and the pressure he has been undergoing to secure a livelihood for his family.

The refugee added that the house owner ordered him to either pay the bills and rental charges of the past three months or else to immediately evacuate the building.

He said UNRWA has turned its back on his cry for help.

The six-member family urged UNRWA and UNHCR to provide them with much-needed cash and in-kind assistance, to help the family pay rental fees, and provide them with the psycho-physical protection which they are quite urgently in need of.

More than 2 million Palestine refugees registered with UNRWA live in Jordan.

There are ten recognized Palestine refugee camps throughout the country, which accommodate nearly 370,000 Palestine refugees. Jordan hosts the largest number of Palestine refugees of all of the UNWRA fields.

The majority of Palestine refugees have sought humanitarian assistance in Jordan, where they continue to suffer from abject poverty and live in a precarious legal status.

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