Palestinian Refugees Succumb to Coronavirus, Others Infected in Syria Displacement Camp

Palestinian Refugees Succumb to Coronavirus, Others Infected in Syria Displacement Camp

A boy poses for a picture during an awareness workshop on coronavirus at a camp for displaced people in Atme town in Syria's northwestern Idlib province (Photo: Aaref Watad/AFP)

A number of Palestinian refugees taking shelter in AlNeirab camp, in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, have died of COVID-19 this week.

Palestinian girl Hiba Fawzi AlSai’d and Palestinian man Fakhri Mi’ari, residents of AlNeirab camp, in Aleppo, have died of coronavirus.

At the same time, Palestinian refugee Kamel Mohamed AlSafouri, a resident of AlNeirab camp, in Aleppo, succumbed to the disease.

A number of Palestinian-born refugees have also contracted coronavirus in the camp.

Palestinian political factions in Aleppo sent a petition to UNRWA, urging the Agency to take immediate action in response to the coronavirus outbreak in the camp.

The petition called on UNRWA to equip the camp with medical equipment and medicines to help the residents fight the deadly virus.

Confirmed coronavirus cases have been increasingly reported in AlNeirab refugee camp in Aleppo, at a time when residents have been launching cries for help over the absence of hygiene kit and medicines.

Dozens of cases have been reported in the area. Several coronavirus-stricken residents refuse to reveal their names over bullying concerns.

An oxygen bottle is sold at a price of over 4,000 Syrian Pounds, a sum that far exceeds the residents’ cash-stripped budgets.

Civilians continue to slam UNRWA’s apathy, saying an urgent action is needed to save the camp.

Over recent months, AGPS has also warned of a projected outbreak of COVID-19 in Palestinian refugee camps in Syria. Though campaigns to help spread awareness among the camps’ residents have recently seen the day, limited access to running water, pharmacies and medical facilities mean displacement camps are more susceptible to the spread of the highly infectious virus.

Displacement camps set up in northern Syria are especially vulnerable as most hospitals and medical facilities have been bombed, rendering them out of order

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