Palestinian Refugees in Jordan Push for Urgent Humanitarian Action

Palestinian Refugees in Jordan Push for Urgent Humanitarian Action

People walk near the UNRWA office at the Whedat Refugee camp northeast of Amman, Jordan, 27 November 2018 | Photo: EPA/ANDRE PAIN

Palestinian refugees in Jordan continue to urge the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) to transfer their cash grants at a time when a lockdown has been imposed across the country as part of the anti-coronavirus fight.

The refugees have expressed deep concern over their humanitarian condition as the Jordanian authorities are considering slapping a full lockdown across the kingdom to help curtail COVID-19 infections.

The refugees have called on the director of UNRWA operations in Jordan, Mohamed Adar, to shell out cash aid so as to enable them to purchase much-needed food items and medicines before a full lockdown is imposed across the country.

So far, 1,756 cases of coronavirus have been reported in Jordan. The death toll stands at 15.

Displaced Palestinian refugees continue to urge UNRWA to provide them with much-needed cash and medical assistance in order to be able to combat the deadly pandemic COVID-19.

The refugees have also called on UNRWA to secure their access to hygiene kit, including disinfectants, gloves, face masks, and medicines.

UNRWA said Palestinian refugees in Jordan are highly vulnerable and hundreds of recorded refugees are members of female-headed households, which increases their vulnerability.

Palestinian refugees who have entered from conflict zones, including Syria, to Jordan irregularly are living under continuous risk of arrest, detention and potential for forced deportation. Their lack of legal status and corresponding protection risks in Jordan are a source of major concern.

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