Yarmouk’s New Reconstruction Plan Withdrawn

Yarmouk’s New Reconstruction Plan Withdrawn

The Yarmouk Camp of Damascus governorate-2015 (Photo: Hadf News website)

The new master plan issued by Damascus Governorate by the end of June 2020 to reconstruct Yarmouk camp has been canceled, according to human rights sources.

Director-General of the political department of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Ambassador Anwar Abdul Hadi, said the Syrian government and Damascus authorities will not adopt a new reconstruction plan in Yarmouk Camp.

Palestinian refugees continue to voice their firm rejection of the new organizational plan put forth by Damascus Governorate to rehabilitate Yarmouk Camp.

Tension has been running high in the area as thousands of refugees continue to rail against the proposed plan, amid growing fears that their homes and property will be removed from the new plan.

Activists warned that the new organizational plan will remarkably change the demographic and architectural identity of the camp. Several buildings and facilities will be removed, which will lead to a mass displacement of refugee families and a further deterioration of their humanitarian condition.

At the same time, the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria has warned that civilian property has been subjected to ongoing theft and homes to burglary in Yarmouk Camp.

The Syrian government forces regained control over Yarmouk Camp and southern Damascus towns following a 33-day military operation launched in April 2018. Dozens of civilians were killed and dozens more injured in the offensive. Over 60% of buildings have gone either totally or partially destroyed in the warfare.

Palestinian families displaced from Yarmouk Camp continue to call on the concerned authorities to allow them a safe return to their homes and to press ahead with reconstruction projects.

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