Situation of Palestinians of Syria Exacerbated by Coronavirus Outbreak, Medicine Dearth

Situation of Palestinians of Syria Exacerbated by Coronavirus Outbreak, Medicine Dearth

Members of the Syrian Civil Defence (White Helmets) disinfect buildings and tents where Palestinian and Syrian families live collectively in Idlib, Syria on 24 March 2020. (Muhammed Said/Anadolu Agency)

Palestinian refugees in Syria have denounced the acute death in life-saving medicines at a time when the number of coronavirus cases has tripled in Palestinian refugee camps across the war-torn country.

Local sources said pharmacies have run out of several drugs used by patients with cardiovascular diseases and kidney disorders along with anti-fever medicines.

Recently, concerns have mounted over a striking increase in coronavirus cases in and around Palestinian refugee camps in Syria, where the number of confirmed infections has already soared.

Medics sounded distress signals over the acute shortage in staff and equipment along with fuel needed to operate power generators at hospitals. The number of infections is estimated to get at least three times higher.

The Health Ministry’s coronavirus team said wearing face masks and respecting social distancing has become an obligation at commercial centers and public facilities.

Over recent months, human rights groups have also warned of an unabated outbreak of COVID-19 in Palestinian refugee camps in Syria. Though campaigns to help spread awareness among the camps’ residents have recently seen the day, limited access to running water, pharmacies and medical facilities means displacement camps are more susceptible to the spread of the highly infectious virus.

Displacement camps set up in northern Syria are especially vulnerable as most hospitals and medical facilities have been bombed, rendering them out of order.

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