Families Displaced from Yarmouk Camp Forced Out of Southern Damascus Shelter

Families Displaced from Yarmouk Camp Forced Out of Southern Damascus Shelter

Syrian regime authorities began carrying out their threats to expel families who live in schools in the town of Yalda, south of the capital Damascus. The schools were turned into shelters years ago. (Photo: Syrian Observer)

A number of families displaced from Yarmouk Camp have been forced out of shelters in Yalda town, south of Damascus, by Syrian security forces who threw their furniture and personal belongings on the streets, according to local sources.

Syrian security forces and police officers in Yalda and Babila towns evacuated schools where dozens of displaced families have been taking shelter.

Sawt AlAsima website said the measure was carried out in the presence of the head of the local municipal council and Yalda mayor, who gave orders to evacuate all the buildings by next Friday.

The municipal council claimed the evacuation order falls in line with endeavors to reconstruct schools with the advent of the new academic year.

Palestinian families continue to call on the concerned authorities to allow them a safe return to their homes and to press ahead with reconstruction projects.

Most of Palestinian families taking shelter south of Damascus fled Yarmouk as a result of the tough blockade imposed by the government troops and also after ISIS grabbed hold of the camp on April 1, 2015.

Scores of other stranded families fled the camp following the 33-day military operation launched by the government forces on April 19, 2018. The Syrian government regained control over the camp and southern Damascus towns following the military operation. Dozens of civilians were killed and dozens more injured in the offensive. Over 80% of buildings have gone either totally or partially destroyed.

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