Palestinian Refugee Woman Killed in Istanbul

Palestinian Refugee Woman Killed in Istanbul

Turkish policemen at the crime scene in Istanbul. (File photo via social media)

Palestinian woman Hiba Yousef, a former resident of Syria’s Yarmouk Camp, was found dead in the Turkish metropolitan city of Istanbul.

Human rights sources said that Hiba was stabbed to death by her husband on October 11 in Esenyrut district, west of Istanbul, following an altercation between them. The husband slaughtered her in cold blood in the presence of her four-year-old girl.

An eye-witness said neighbors heard echoes of a violent altercation from the victim’s house. As they attempted to enter the building, the husband refused to unlock the door. They reached out to the Turkish police.

Hiba was found lying on the ground covered with blood. The policemen arrested the husband and transferred the victim’s body to the hospital. The child was taken to a childcare center run by the Turkish Ministry of Family and Social Services.

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