Kuwait to Provide $1.5 Million to Support UNRWA

Kuwait to Provide $1.5 Million to Support UNRWA

Palestinian refugees lining up for aid distribution in Syria. (File photo via UNRWA)

Kuwait's Foreign Minister, Ahmed Nasser al-Mohammed al-Sabah, announced a $1.5 million contribution to UNRWA.

Speaking at the third strategic dialogue conference on UNRWA, which was held through visual and audio communication technology, at the joint invitation of Jordan and Sweden, the Kuwaiti Minister of Foreign Affairs stressed the importance of the role of the international community and the United Nations in ensuring the stability of UNRWA's financial situation so that it can accomplish its tasks, provide basic livelihoods, care and protection for Palestinian refugees, preserve their dignity and safeguard their rights.

Al-Sabah said: "Kuwait's contribution comes in support of its noble objectives aimed at ensuring and protecting Palestinian refugees and securing the delivery of aid and providing them with key services."

Al-Sabah reiterated his call for the need to develop ideas, develop strategic approaches and plans, and to work to create a funding sustainability that would enable UNRWA to cover escalating costs, adding that the continued budget deficit poses a real threat to the Agency’s mission.

The UN agency is suffering from a financial crisis as the United States froze $65 million in aid on January 23rd.

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