Stranded Palestinian Refugee Woman Allowed to Enter Turkey

Stranded Palestinian Refugee Woman Allowed to Enter Turkey

Palestinian refugees in Turkey continue to face high vulnerability. (File photo via social media)

Turkish authorities allowed elderly Palestinian woman Samia Tahan, who has been trapped at Istanbul International Airport for 24 days running, to enter the Turkish territories.

Last week, Samia appealed to the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the international humanitarian institutions to lend her a hand.

In her appeals, the refugee said she traveled from Beirut to Belarus using her Palestinian-Syrian travel document. However, she was denied access into Belarus and deported to Istanbul Airport.

Samia had been trapped at the airport, sleeping for over 20 days in the waiting hall. She suffers from diabetes and hypertension. Airport authorities transferred her to the hospital, where she had been held for five days due to her deteriorating health condition.

Turkish embassies continue to prevent Palestinian refugees from obtaining visas. As a result, hundreds of Palestinians have embarked on life-threatening journeys via illegal immigration roads, fleeing conflict-stricken zones.

Hundreds of Palestinian refugees have been unable to provide for their children and families in Turkey. A large number of companies, factories, and shops shut their doors for fear of further COVID-19 contaminations. Several Palestinian families have lost their sole sources of income as a result.

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