Over 557,000 Palestine Refugees Registered With GAPAR in Syria

Over 557,000 Palestine Refugees Registered With GAPAR in Syria

Residents of Syria’s besieged Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp collecting aid, Feb. 13, 2015. Without passports, the refugees have no place to go. (Rami Al-Sayed / AFP / Getty Images)

The General Authority for Palestinian Arab Refugees (GAPAR) said the number of Palestinian refugees it registered in Syria until January 5, 2020 is estimated at 557,452.

According to GAPAR figures, the list of registered Palestinian refugees includes 277,960 female refugees and 279,492 male refugees.

Data by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) indicates that of the 560,000 Palestine refugees registered with UNRWA in Syria, an estimated 450,000 remain in the country. Almost 280,000 are internally displaced and 43,000 are trapped in hard-to-reach or inaccessible locations.

Prolonged displacement, unchecked inflation, rising unemployment rates and loss of property have led to impoverishment and, thus, a greater need for UNRWA support. Over 95 per cent of the Palestine refugee population in Syria are in critical need of humanitarian assistance, which comprises cash, food and non-food items.

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