Palestinian Asylum Seekers on Greek Island Denounce Corruption

Palestinian Asylum Seekers on Greek Island Denounce Corruption

Refugees arrive on the Greek island of Lesvos on a boat with 58 people last year. (Photo: AFP)

Migrants and asylum seekers, including Palestinians, taking shelter in substandard migrant facilities set up in Greece said they have been blackmailed over their calls for speeding up asylum procedures.

The migrants sounded the alarm over corruption and bribery which they have been confronted with at migration offices, particularly on the country’s islands.

Corrupt brokers have reportedly blackmailed the migrants and asked them to pay money in return for asylum-seeking documents.

Palestinian refugees and other migrants have been subjected to a dire humanitarian situation in migrant camps and other substandard facilities set up in Greece, most of them vastly overcrowded, unhygienic and violence-prone.

Over recent months, Greece’s refugee camps have been running at four or five times their capacities, with tens of thousands of migrants crammed into poorly-equipped tents.

Palestinian refugees continue to risk their lives onboard the “death boats” to Greece, fleeing persecution and economic hardship.

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