UN: Children among 34 Palestinians Displaced as Israel Demolishes 26 Structures in 2 Weeks

UN: Children among 34 Palestinians Displaced as Israel Demolishes 26 Structures in 2 Weeks

Citing the lack of building permits, the Israeli authorities demolished or seized 26 Palestinian-owned structures in Area C and East Jerusalem, displacing 34 people, of whom 15 were children, and otherwise affecting about 40, said the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in its “Protection of Civilians Report | 16 - 29 March 2021”.

 OCHA said that twenty-two structures were targeted on 17 March in four communities in Area C, including eight tents seized in Khirbet Tana (Nablus), displacing 18 people; and 11 uninhabited houses demolished in An Nuwei'ma Al Fauqa Bedouin community (Jericho), affecting 21 people.

Four of the structures were demolished in East Jerusalem, including three by their owners, displacing 12 people

At the same time, perpetrators known or believed to be Israeli settlers injured two Palestinians and damaged a few hundreds of Palestinian-owned trees. Both Palestinians were physically assaulted, one near Susiya community (Hebron) and the other while working his land near Al Khader (Bethlehem). Residents in the villages of Jalud, Khirbet Sarra and Tell in Nablus, and Ras Karkar and Deir Nidham in Ramallah, reported that about 300 trees and saplings had been vandalized.

In Beit Iksa (Jerusalem) and Kafr ad Dik (Salfit), people known or believed to be settlers vandalized a house, three agricultural structures and three vehicles. In Al Baq’a area (Hebron), settlers started bulldozing privately-owned Palestinian land. Settlers blocked off a spring near Tubas, preventing Palestinian herders from accessing it.

Israeli settlers also erected tents on land belonging to residents of Tuqu’ and Kisan villages (Bethlehem); in Kisan, they eventually removed the tents, and in Tuqu’ the Israeli authorities ordered them to remove them by 4 April.

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