Coronavirus Cases Reported among Palestinians in Gilin

Coronavirus Cases Reported among Palestinians in Gilin

Members of the Syrian Civil Defence (White Helmets) disinfect buildings and tents where Palestinian and Syrian families live collectively in Idlib, Syria on 24 March 2020. (Muhammed Said/Anadolu Agency)

Coronavirus cases have increasingly been recorded among Palestinians sheltered in Gilin town, south of Syria.

Activists have denounced the absence of anti-coronavirus measures and the violation of precautionary protocols.

Palestinian refugees who have returned to Gilin town, in Daraa’s western outskirts, after they fled the area due to the rampant shelling and deadly shootouts, continue to sound distress signals over the unbearable situation they have been enduring in the area.

Gilin’s infrastructure and public amenities have sustained massive destruction in the warfare. Civilians wishing to have access to healthcare facilities often head for AlMuzeireeb town as no clinics are operative in Gilin.

Located some 25 kilometers away northwest of Daraa’s city center, Gilin is home to 1,700 families displaced from the occupied Palestinian territories.

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