Association of Displaced Palestinians Launched in Northern Syria

Association of Displaced Palestinians Launched in Northern Syria

Palestinian activists have announced the launch of the Association of Displaced Palestinians in Northern Syria.

In a statement, the association said it is an independent body made up of activists and humanitarian actors operating in Syria.

The newly-formed group seeks to speak up for Palestinian refugees sheltered in displacement camps set up in  northern Syria, where they have been struggling with squalid humanitarian conditions.

Palestinian refugees sheltered in Idlib, AlMuhammadiya Camp, and Deir Ballout Camp, in northern Syria have been enduring a tragic situation. Most of them have been crammed in poorly-equipped tents and denied their rights to vital services.

For many displaced Palestinian refugees, the perils of the coronavirus pandemic add to the torment already experienced throughout the conflict.

High rates of unemployment and lack of relief assistance have made the situation far worse for the displaced families.

According to data by the Commission of Palestinians of Syria for Relief and Development, as many as 1,488 Palestinian families have been sheltered in the northern Syrian regions of Idlib, Efrin, and Aleppo’s suburbs. The largest number of families are taking refuge in Idlib.

Some 819 Palestinian families have sought shelter in Idlib, including 226 families in the city center, 152 in Atama, 60 in Akrebat village, and 60 more in Sarmada town. 50 families are taking refuge in Maarat AlNu’man and Jericho, south of Idlib, and also in Ataa village.

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