Belfast City Council Backs Expulsion of Israeli Ambassadors over Apartheid

Belfast City Council Backs Expulsion of Israeli Ambassadors over Apartheid

People come together to support Palestine as they walk towards the Israeli embassy in Dublin, Ireland [Tommy Morrin/Facebook]

The Belfast City Council in Northern England has passed a motion demanding the expulsion of the Israeli ambassadors from both Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The motion urges the governments in Dublin and London to expel the ambassadors "with immediate effect".

The motion was proposed by Councilor Fiona Ferguson and was backed by Sinn Fein, the Green Party and the Social Democratic Labour Party. It follows Israel's latest military offensive against the Gaza Strip which killed 260 Palestinians, including children and women, and wounded thousands more.

"I think the expulsion of ambassadors is a first step, a preliminary step, to greater action, but it's an incredibly important and symbolic step," said Ferguson. She urged the two countries to lead by example and answer "the call from Palestinians across the world who have asked for ambassadors to be expelled."

Announcing the victory of the motion on Twitter, she said: "PASSED!! Belfast City Council supports the expulsion of Israeli ambassadors by the Irish and UK governments. Thanks to all councilors who supported my motion. An important and symbolic act of solidarity with the Palestinian people against enforced apartheid by the Israeli state."

Last week, Irish senator Gino Kenny called for sanctions on the occupying state of Israel over war crimes committed against Palestinians in its latest onslaught on the besieged Gaza Strip.

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