Irish Bishops Urge Govt to Recognise State of Palestine

Irish Bishops Urge Govt to Recognise State of Palestine

A pro-Palestine vigil in Ireland. (File photo via social media)

Ireland’s bishops have called on the Government to recognise the state of Palestine at their summer conference.

The bishops discussed the humanitarian crisis that exists “due to violence between Israel and Palestine,” according to a statement released following the bishops’ meeting.

Their meeting called for an “end to violence on all sides and for a just and lasting peace between the two States”, which should be based on “respect for international humanitarian and human rights law, accountability for war crimes, an end to the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories and for an end to the blockade of Gaza,” the statement read.

The bishops also commended the passing of the motion in Government which saw “Israel’s ‘de facto annexation’ of Palestinian territory” condemned as a violation of “the fundamental principles of international law”.

Referring to the Holy See’s recognising of Palestine as a state in 2013, the bishops asked the Government to progress the Occupied Territories Bill to recognise the state of Palestine.

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