Rallies Held in Syria to Urge Syrian Regime to Lift Blockade on Deraa

Rallies Held in Syria to Urge Syrian Regime to Lift Blockade on Deraa

Syrian children slide down the rubble of destroyed a building in the opposition-held city of Daraa, in southwestern Syria, Sept. 12, 2016. (AFP File Photo)

Dozens of Palestinian refugees took to the streets of Deraa city, south of Syria, as they called on the Syrian security forces and their Russian allies to lift the tough cordon imposed around the area.

The Syrian security forces continue to block civilians’ access out of and into the area. As a result, families have run out of vital food items and medicines.

Last week, an attack by the Syrian government forces targeted civilian houses in Deraa Camp.

The regime has been keeping the Daraa Balad neighborhood under blockade to prevent the transportation of humanitarian aid supplies for over a week, Anadolu Agency (AA) reported.

On June 25, the regime forces asked the residents and former opposition forces to lay down all light weapons and allow them to search their homes. However, the Daraa Central Committee, the main reconciliation center in the area, noted that they were only supposed to hand in heavy weapons as part of the Russian-brokered agreement signed in July 2018. The regime then started imposing a blockade on some 40,000 civilians living in the area.

Palestinian refugees have expressed concerns over a new wave of forced military conscription and arbitrary manhunts in the area.

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