Syrian Regime Closes Off Humanitarian Corridor to Deraa Camp

Syrian Regime Closes Off Humanitarian Corridor to Deraa Camp

Children are seen play amidst the rubble of damaged buildings in Deraa Camp for Palestinian refugees, July 15, 2017. (Reuters)

Assad regime forces have been blockading the crowded neighborhood of Ghorz area, east of Deraa, in southern Syria, with roadblocks.

The blockaded thoroughfare is the main corridor through which food items and medicines are passed on to Deraa city.

The regime has been keeping the Daraa Balad neighborhood and other access roads under blockade for the eleventh consecutive day to prevent the transportation of humanitarian aid supplies.

On June 25, the regime forces asked the residents and former opposition forces to lay down all light weapons and allow them to search their homes. However, the Daraa Central Committee, the main reconciliation center in the area, noted that they were only supposed to hand in heavy weapons as part of the Russian-brokered agreement signed in July 2018. The regime then started imposing a blockade on some 40,000 civilians living in the area.

All entrances and exits from the district have been blocked, and the transportation of all medical and food assistance, as well as fuel, has been prohibited.

Daraa-based activists told Anadolu Agency (AA) that another reason for the regime to impose the blockade was because the region’s people had opposed setting up ballot boxes for the regime’s so-called elections.

Daraa was one of the main bastions of opposition that came under intense attacks by the regime.

In 2018, Assad regime forces, backed by allied Russian forces, started a massive ground and air offensive to retake Daraa from the opposition. The onslaught forced more than 320,000 people to flee and camp in open spaces or makeshift shelters near the border with Jordan or the Golan Heights.

Currently, opposition groups who chose to stay continue their fight with light arms in regions that regime forces have infiltrated. Although Assad regime forces claim that Daraa is completely under their control, in reality, there are constant attacks by unknown forces. During these attacks, many regime figures, including high-ranking military officials, have been killed.

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