Palestinian Refugee Students Achieve Excellent Results at Syria High Schools

Palestinian Refugee Students Achieve Excellent Results at Syria High Schools

A number of Palestinian students obtained their high school diplomas in Syria with honors, despite the traumatic upshots of the ten-year conflict.

Tala Mahmoud Khalaf, from Yarmouk Camp, has earned the highest score (2900/2900); Kusay Mahmoud Abdullah, also from Yarmouk Camp got the highest score at the Literature Branch in his district; Lujain Suleiman and Lana AlKhadraa ranked fourth at the level of Damascus Governorate, with a score of 2894/2900 each; Amjad Rustom, from Handarat camp, won the first rank at the industrial high school in Aleppo governorate.

Several other students earned high scores, including Tuka Dawah (2888/2900), Aya Akram Abbas (2866/2900), Ahmed Ihsan Al-Hosary (237.8/240), Maryam Hegazy (2880/2900), Lujain Nasser Muhammad (235.5/240).

Student Moad Qassem Al-Khatib got a score of 2346/2400; Najm Wael Hadid got a score of 2861/2900; While Ahmed Emad

Munawar graduated from the High School of Commerce with a score of 87/100. Palestinian student Abdul Rahman Tayseer Hadid got a score of 235.2/240.

Hundreds of displaced Palestinian refugees in/from Syria have achieved success stories, despite the traumatic upshots wrought by the daily scenes of bloodshed and destruction across the embattled Syrian territories.

This includes scores of refugee students who have obtained the highest scores at their academic institutions; hundreds of refugee sportsmen/sportswomen who snatched the first places in regional and international competitions; dozens of artists who received renowned literary awards for their products and performances; and several housewives who turned trauma into a space of creativity.

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