Palestinian Refugees Denounce Security Mayhem in Ein AlHilweh Camp

Palestinian Refugees Denounce Security Mayhem in Ein AlHilweh Camp

About 50,000 people live in the Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp [Ali Hashisho/Reuters]

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon continue to launch cries for help over the precarious legal status and lack of protection they have been subjected to in the Lebanese territories.

Palestinian refugees sheltered in Ein AlHilweh displacement camp continue to voice concerns over the security turmoil and uncontrolled weapon possession in the area.

On Sunday, handmade grenades and light weapons were used in shootouts that rocked the camp, resulting in three injuries.

The vast majority of Palestinian refugees are grappling with deportation concerns and live in a perpetual fear over their families’ safety due to the security mayhem rocking refugee camps in Lebanon.

Ein El Hilweh camp is located south of Saida in south Lebanon. It is the largest Palestine refugee camp in Lebanon.

The camp’s inhabitants were displaced in 1948, most from coastal towns in historic Palestine. The camp also hosts a large number of Palestine refugees displaced from other parts of Lebanon, particularly from Tripoli, who came to Ein El Hilweh during the Lebanese civil war and in the aftermath of the Nahr el-Bared conflict in 2007.

Today, the ongoing Syria crisis has also led to an influx of Syrian refugees and Palestine refugees displaced from Syria.

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