New York Protesters Call For Decolonizing Palestine, Globalizing Intifada

New York Protesters Call For Decolonizing Palestine, Globalizing Intifada

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators attend a protest following a flare-up of Israeli-Palestinian violence in London. [File photo/Reuters]

Scores of pro-Palestine protesters and activists from a coalition of leftist organizations and CSOs marched on Friday to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York’s metropolitan borough of Manhattan, raising the Palestinian flag and “Globalize Intifada” banners.

The march falls in line with the so-called “Strike MoMA” campaign, which emerged as a series of 10 weekly protests from April 9 ​​to June 11, protesting MoMA's alleged complicity in war profiteering, environmental harm and dispossession of communities worldwide.

The Palestinian intifada was selected as a prototype of anti-occupation resistance and struggle against colonial oppression and apartheid policies. "Globalize the Intifada" figured as the rallying cry of Friday's march.

The 10-week initiative was founded by Strike MoMA Working Group, which is part of a group called the International Imagination of Anti-Imperial Feelings (IIAAF).

“No struggle is left when we move together and individually, but in agreement. At MoMA, the framework for abolition, decolonization, anti-capitalism and anti-imperialism overlaps in the course of the struggle,” the movement’s manifesto said in a section entitled “Operational Conditions for striking MoMA. “These included both Israel and South Africa as apartheid states."

Another group that participated was Within Our Lifetime, whose goal is to liberate Palestine and who names the US and Zionism as two forms of colonial oppression.

A large number of organizations took part in the protest, including groups called Decolonize This Place, MoMA Divest and the Direct Action Front for Palestine.

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