Palestinian Refugee Child Wins 2nd Place in Syria Mental Math Competition

Palestinian Refugee Child Wins 2nd Place in Syria Mental Math Competition

A child walking past the debris of a destroyed building in Syria. Photo credit: Anadolu

Palestinian refugee child Wisam Bilal Abdul Mutaleb, raised in Syria’s Khan Dannun Camp, in Rif Dimashq, won the second place in an electronic mental math and Rubik's cube tournament in Syria, with a difference of 4 seconds from the first place.

Less than two weeks earlier, a team of 11 children from AlRamla School in AlAyedeen Camp for Palestinian refugees, in Syria’s Hums province, won the first and second places in an international mental math competition.

Participants from 18 countries took part in the contest.

Schoolgirls Hala Shalabi and Rahma Mohamed Diab won respectively the second and third places.

Earlier this month, Palestinian child from Syria Wafaa Emad Aboura, aged 8, also earned the third place in the Mental Arithmetic Tournament held in Dubai.

Hundreds of displaced Palestinian refugees in/from Syria have achieved success stories, despite the traumatic upshots wrought by the daily scenes of bloodshed and destruction across the embattled Syrian territories.

This includes scores of refugee students who have obtained the highest scores at their academic institutions; hundreds of refugee sportsmen/sportswomen who snatched the first places in regional and international competitions; dozens of artists who received renowned literary awards for their products and performances; and several housewives who turned trauma into a space of creativity.

The conflict in Syria has had traumatic fallouts on Palestinian refugee children in and outside of Syria. Post-traumatic stress disorders, mental psychosis, sleeplessness and nightmares, eating disorders, and intense fear have all been reported among Palestinian children from Syria.

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