Palestinian Refugee Children Exposed to Abuse in Syria Displacement Camp

Palestinian Refugee Children Exposed to Abuse in Syria Displacement Camp

Children are seen playing amidst the rubble of damaged buildings in Deraa Camp for Palestinian refugees, July 15, 2017. (Reuters)

Palestinian and Syrian children have been exposed to abuse and exploitation by gangsters and traffickers in the war-ravaged Syrian territories, according to human rights sources.

Children as young as ten-years-old have been spotted in AlHusainiya Camp for Palestinian refugees while carrying sheets of paper allegedly showing their home addresses.

This comes after the Syrian Ministry of Interior warned that children claiming to have been lost drag people to locations where gangsters involved in rape, murder, and human organ trafficking are taking cover.

Activists called on the residents to turn in any child claiming to have been lost to the nearest police station. Children, themselves, are the victims of criminal gangs.

Civilians continue to call on UNRWA, the Palestine Liberation Organization, and international organizations defending children's human rights to work on securing children’s right to physical and psychological protection.

Parents have raised alarm bells over the striking upsurge in the rate of school dropouts among schoolchildren and university students, several among whom left their academic institutions to help feeding their impoverished families in unemployment-stricken refugee camps.

The warfare in Syria, which has now entered its eleventh year, has had traumatic fallouts on Palestinian refugee children in and outside the Syrian territories.

Post-traumatic stress disorders, mental psychosis, sleeplessness and nightmares, eating disorders, and intense fear have all been among the symptoms with which Palestinian children have been diagnosed.

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