Palestinian Refugees Launch Distress Signals from Jordan Displacement Camp

Palestinian Refugees Launch Distress Signals from Jordan Displacement Camp

Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan. (File photo)

Palestinian refugee families taking shelter in AlHadiqa refugee camp, in Ar-Ramtha city, situated in the far northwest of Jordan, continue to call on the international humanitarian institutions, UNRWA, and the Palestinian Authority to take urgent action in response to the squalid conditions they have been enduring in the camp.

The refugees have been denied access to the local labour market. As a result, high unemployment rates have been recorded among Palestinian refugees in Jordan displacement camps.

The displaced families said the humanitarian situation has taken a tragic turn for the worse following the coronavirus outbreak, adding that their needs far outlive the sporadic aid handed over to them by UNRWA every three or four months. The poor healthcare services provided in the camp and the absence of medicines and medical equipment have made the situation worse.

Palestinian refugees taking shelter in AlHadiqa refugee camp are also denied free access out of and into the area. In the best of cases, they are granted a three to four-day work permit to provide for their starved families.

The majority of Palestine refugee families in Jordan need to receive one or more UNRWA emergency assistance interventions especially during winter.

More than 2 million Palestine refugees registered with UNRWA live in Jordan.

There are ten recognized Palestine refugee camps throughout the country, which accommodate nearly 370,000 Palestine refugees. Jordan hosts the largest number of Palestine refugees of all of the UNWRA fields

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