Impact of Ukrainian-Russian War on Palestinian Refugees

Impact of Ukrainian-Russian War on Palestinian Refugees

Syria has been engulfed by a devastating war since 2011. The conflict has since brought misery and death to Palestinian refugees sheltered in the country. (File photo)

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been causing knock-on effects globally. The situation of Palestinian refugees, particularly those sheltered in war-torn Syria, has been greatly impacted.

Prices of food and non-food items have skyrocketed and the exchange rate of the Syrian pound has further deteriorated (1USD/3,900 SP, up from 3,500).

One liter of oil has reached up to 10,000 SP while a kilogram of rice is sold at 7,000. The cost of one kilogram of ghee is estimated at 13,000 SP.

Eleven years after demonstrations started in Syria, the majority of Palestinian refugees sheltered in the war-torn country have been grappling with an abject humanitarian situation.

UN data indicates that over half of the Palestine refugees in the country have been displaced at least once because of the brutal conflict that ensued, including 120,000 who have sought safety in neighbouring countries, mainly Lebanon and Jordan, and beyond;

438,000 Palestine refugees remain in the country – 91 per cent of whom live in absolute poverty - and who have been among those worst affected by the conflict.

Over 80% of PRS live in extreme poverty and rely on humanitarian assistance as their main source of income. 86% of PRS households are reported to be in debt.

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