Palestinian Refugee Arrested in Istanbul

Palestinian Refugee Arrested in Istanbul

Palestinian refugee Aghid Mohamed AlSaadi was detained some 35 days ago by Turkish police. (Photo: Social media)

Turkish authorities arrested a Palestinian young man after they broke into his apartment in the Turkish metropolitan city of Istanbul, local sources reported.

Palestinian refugee Aghid Mohamed AlSaadi, a former resident of AlNeirab Camp for Palestinian refugees, north of Syria, was detained some 35 days ago by Turkish police.

Local sources said a fight broke out between Arab and Turkish youths living in the same apartment. Police showed up in the area and arrested all those involved.

Aghid’s friends said he was not involved in the fight. His family continues to appeal for information about his condition.

Turkish authorities often repatriate refugees from Syria involved in law breaches to the war-torn country.

Last month, Foreign Policy magazine said Syria is neither safe nor stable for migrant returns.

The magazine said the civil war continues. Returnees often disappear without a trace into the hands of the security state. Assad’s regime is not in danger of overthrow, but it totters, dependent on its foreign backers and hungry for foreign capital. It continues to engage in violence in opposition-held zones and in the so-called reconciled areas while becoming quietly known in its near abroad as a lawless narco-state engaged mainly in exporting refugees and drugs.

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