Palestinian Doctor Obtains PhD from German University

Palestinian Doctor Obtains PhD from German University

Palestinian refugee Mohamed Nayef Maw’ed obtained his PhD in medicine with an honour from Germany’s prominent Göttingen University.

Mohamed Nayef fled war-torn Syria to Germany, seeking better academic and professional opportunities.

Mohamed Nayef’s thesis is entitled “Troponin Levels and Differences between Normal Patients and Others”.

A troponin test measures the level of troponin in one’s blood. Troponin is a type of protein found in the muscles of the heart. These proteins are released when the heart muscle has been damaged, such as occurs with a heart attack. The more damage there is to the heart, the greater the amount of troponin there will be in the blood.

The founding of Göttingen University took place at the instance of the local ruler Elector George Augustus of Hanover (who was at the same time the King of Great Britain as George II due to the personal union with Great Britain and Ireland from 1714), after whom the University was named.

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