3 Palestinians Shot Dead by Israeli Army in Nablus

3 Palestinians Shot Dead by Israeli Army in Nablus

Palestinian mother mourns her 16-year-old son Nader Haytham Rayan during his funeral in a West Bank refugee camp. (File photo: REUTERS)

Three Palestinians were fatally gunned down by Israeli occupation forces on Sunday morning in Nablus city, in the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health received information from the Palestinian Military Liaison about an Israeli army attack on four Palestinians while inside their vehicle at the Sarra checkpoint, southwest of Nablus.

Three Palestinians were killed in the targeted assassination. They are Jihad Mohammad Shami, 24, Udai Othman Shami, 22, and Mohammad Ra’ed Dabek, 18.

During the brutal Israeli shooting, three Palestinian workers in a vehicle passing by the checkpoint sustained injuries from the shrapnel of the Israeli bullet fire.

Eye-witnesses said that shortly after the tragic shooting, Israeli occupation soldiers stormed shops and seized the recordings of surveillance cameras to keep their crime untold.

Ministry data indicates that the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli occupation forces since the beginning of the year has hit 84, including 15 children and an elderly woman.

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