Caricature Exhibition Unveils Tragic Upshots of Balfour Pledge on Palestinians

Caricature Exhibition Unveils Tragic Upshots of Balfour Pledge on Palestinians

Cartoons showcased at the Exhibition

An exhibition of cartoons highlighting the calamitous fallouts of the Balfour Declaration has seen the day in Gaza city this week.

The exhibition, co-sponsored by the Gaza Municipality and the Palestinian Ministry of Culture, falls in line with the 102nd anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, which, back in 1917, pledged the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine.

In press statements, Gaza Municipality said some 20 artists, including eight from different Arab countries, have showcased their cartoons in the exhibition. 80 caricatures have been put on display.

Hashem Skeik, member of the municipal council, said the fair makes part of ongoing attempts to pass on Palestine’s history, legacy, and identity to younger generations as time passes by.

He said such artistic events are a strong indication that the Palestinians will always stand on guard to historical plots targeting their land and rights, most notoriously the Balfour pledge.

Secretary of the Gaza-based Ministry of Culture, Anwar AlBaraawi, also said the exhibition, entitled “Between two Promises”, is an emblem of the tragedy that has befallen the Palestinian people following the Balfour Declaration.

November 2 marks the notorious Balfour Declaration (1917), in which the British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour signaled the go-ahead for the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine.

The pledge is generally viewed as one of the main catalysts of the Nakba - the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948 - and the conflict that ensued with the Zionist state of Israel.

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