180.000 Jews Migrate to Israel over Recent 8 Years

180.000 Jews Migrate to Israel over Recent 8 Years

Nearly 180.000 Jewish people arrived to Israel from different corners of the world during the last eight years, Israel’s Immigration Authority has reported.

Data published by Hebrew-speaking daily Ynet News said that Jews from Iran, Qatar, Afghanistan, Libya, Bhutan, and even Brunei figure on the migrant list.

According to the newspaper, 179, 849 migrants from different parts of the world traveled to Israel since 2012.

Palestinian Media Agency AlRay said the data revealed that most of the migrants that arrived to Israel since 2012 are from Russia, with 52, 337 immigrants, followed by Ukraine with 37,958 immigrants, and France with 28, 676 immigrants.

18,272 migrants arrived to "Israel" from US; 4,342 migrants came from Ethiopia; 4,258 from Belarus, 3,875 from the UK, 3,160 from Brazil, and 1,988 from Canada.

Hundreds also arrived to the country from Argentina, Uzbekistan, South Africa, Belgium, Turkey, Italy, Australia, Hungary, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands, among other countries.

Jewish migration waves to Israel started to see the day during the first four years that followed the establishment of Israel in 1948.

Migration from Arab countries at that time made up 47 % of Jewish migration influx, doubling the number of Jews in territories occupied by Israel in 1948.

According to the World Atlas site, Israel carried out hundreds of transfers of Arab Jews to Palestine. Operation on Wings-of-Eagles, also known as Operation Magic Carpet, was a program that brought over 49,000 Yemenite Jews to Israel. The operation was carried out from mid-1949 to September 1950. During the operation, a considerable percentage of the Yemenite Jews (2,000 Jews from Yemen, 500 Jews from Eritrea and Djibouti, 2,000 Jews from Saudi Arabia, and 1,500 Jews from Aden) were taken to Israel. Numerous American and British planes made over 380 secret flights from Aden to Israel. The secret trips were made public a few months after they were finished. Operation Magic Carpet is sometimes also referred to as Operation Messiah’s coming.

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