AlZeir: Pro-Palestine Campaigns on the Rise In UK

AlZeir: Pro-Palestine Campaigns on the Rise In UK

Majed AlZeir - PRC Director

The Palestinians will keep up their anti-occupation struggle until they retrieve their inalienable rights, director of the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) Majed AlZeir has said.

AlZeir, also director of the Palestinians in Europe Conference, stressed Palestinians’ commitment to their right of return to their homeland.

He said Palestinians’ commitment to their individual and collective rights and to their resistance tools as guaranteed by international law is the key to achieving national liberation.

AlZeir underscored the need for the Palestinians to overcome internal strife and combine forces to boost national unity.

He said that more than one hundreds years have passed by since the Balfour Declaration was made, but the Palestinian anti-occupation struggle continues to bode well.

“All Israeli attempts to turn the noose around Palestinians’ neck have been thwarted”, he stated. “The Palestinian people will never forfeit a single inch of their land”.

Commenting on Britain’s standpoint regarding the Palestinian refugee cause, AlZeir said the UK ruling establishment gives priority to the Israeli project, though, to a certain extent, it recognizes Palestinian rights.

“Pro-Palestine campaigns in Britain are strong and continue to blossom”, said PRC’s director, stressing the need to step up pressure on the UK government in order to boost support for the Palestinians and their rights.

AlZeir also said that activating internationally-recognized resistance tools and reaching out to UN-run bodies are key steps to speak up for Palestinians’ infringed rights and mobilize back up for their cause.

AlZeir added that efforts have been under full swing to urge the British government to make an apology over the notorious Balfour Declaration, which, back in 1917, pledged the establishment of a Jewish state on Palestinian land.

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