Israeli Settlers Attack School for Bedouin Palestinian Children

Israeli Settlers Attack School for Bedouin Palestinian Children

Students of Abu Al Nuwar primary school, in Jerusalem, are seen studying on the debris of their school building after it was demolished by Israeli occupation forces. (File photo: Anadolu Agency)

 Israeli settlers Sunday stormed the Ras Al Tin school, east of the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah, a school that is already threatened with demolition by the Israeli occupation authorities.

Local sources told WAFA news agency that a number of Israeli settlers stormed the school, smashed its windows, and vandalized its furniture.

The school is located in a Bedouin community in the lands of the villages of Kafr Malik, Khirbet Abu Falah, and Al-Mughayer, east of Ramallah.

In October 2020, a decision was issued by the occupation to demolish the school, on the pretext it is located in an area under full Israeli control, where construction is prohibited for any reason.

The Ras AlTeen School is among Al Tahadi project launched by the Settlement and Wall Resistance Commission and the Ministry of Education, which have so far established 18 schools in Area C of the West Bank, where the occupation prohibits construction.

Earlier on the same day, settlers stormed AlTahadi School in Wadi AlSiq Bedouin community, east of Ramallah, and destroyed its property.

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