Lebanon: UNRWA Continues to Respond to Urgent Needs of Displaced Families from Palestine Refugee Camp

Lebanon: UNRWA Continues to Respond to Urgent Needs of Displaced Families from Palestine Refugee Camp

UNRWA staff providing medication to a Palestine Refugee displaced to an UNRWA shelter due to clashes in Ein El Hilweh camp. © 2023 UNRWA Photo

UNRWA said it continues to respond to urgent needs of displaced families forced to flee Ein El-Hilweh camp in southern Lebanon, the largest in the country.

“Families have lost everything, and they need everything, especially protection and respite,” said Dorothee Klaus, Director of UNRWA Affairs in Lebanon. “Some have run for safety only with their clothes on them. They need food, health care and support for their mental health. It is just devastating that history repeats itself as many families have lived through this horror multiple times,” she added.

With partners, UNRWA is providing a package of assistance including the delivery of warm meals, health care, clothes, mattresses, hygiene kits, baby items and psychosocial support, including group counseling and stress management. Yesterday, a large garbage collection operation started to clear 56 metric tons of solid waste from some areas in Ein El-Hilweh camp. This will continue over the coming days as waste has piled up across the camp.

“Our teams have been working for weeks to support families’ urgent needs. This is a drop in the ocean as much more is needed. We will continue to coordinate with partners to reach all families. We appeal to those fighting and those with influence over them to respect the ceasefire and provide safe access to the camp, including to assess the damage, especially in the eight UNRWA schools that have been taken over by armed groups,” concluded Klaus.

Since 31 July when the fighting began in Ein El-Hilweh, at least 30 people were killed, and hundreds were injured. Fighting led to massive destruction across most of the camp. Thousands of people have fled.

On 29 August, UNRWA appealed for US$ 15.5 million to support its response to displaced families forced to flee the camp.

Armed groups have taken over eight UNRWA schools inside Ein El-Hilweh camp, hampering the access of nearly 6,000 children to education when the school year starts on 2 October.

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