Popular Campaign Calls for Unifying Palestinian Leadership

Popular Campaign Calls for Unifying Palestinian Leadership

A popular campaign was staged by civil society organizations and activists to call for unifying the Palestinian leadership in light of Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza.

The campaign brought together hundreds of Palestinian activists, politicians, ex-prisoners, artists, activists, academics, trade unionists, mayors, journalists, lawyers, engineers, physicians, and members of the Palestinian National Council.

The campaign culminated in a statement calling for rebuilding the Palestine Liberation Organization on democratic foundations that embrace all Palestinians wherever they are and do not exclude any of its active political groups and factions.

The statement also stressed the need to form a unified Palestinian leadership capable of coping with the critical challenges currently faced by the Palestinian people.

It further called on political factions to combine forces in order to thwart Israeli plans and work towards the establishment of a just solution to the Palestinian plight.

The statement has garnered hundreds of signatures by activists and politicians seeking an urgent solution to Palestinian political divisions, at a time when Israel has escalated its mass ethnic cleansing and apartheid policies against the Palestinians along with its war crimes in the Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestinian territories.


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