Vigil held in Ramallah over US Attempts to Rescind UNRWA Mandate

Vigil held in Ramallah over US Attempts to Rescind UNRWA Mandate

UNRWA serves over 5 million Palestine refugees.

Hundreds of Palestine refugees rallied on Wednesday outside of the UN office in the central West Bank city of Ramallah, denouncing the US one-sided position regarding the UN Palestine refugee agency UNRWA.

The rally, organized by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)’s Department of Refugee Affairs, spoke out against the ongoing attempts by the US administration and the Israeli government to end UNRWA’s mandate and negate Palestinians’ right of return.

A statement by the PLO’s Department of Refugee Affairs underscored the need to preserve UNRWA assistance to Palestine refugees in line with Resolution 302 pending a just and lasting solution to their cause and their safe return to their homes from which they have been displaced since 1948.

The rally-goers also urged UN member states to support UNRWA’s renewed Mandate for three coming years.

A memorandum was handed over by the demonstrators to the spokesman of the UN Secretary-General in Ramallah, in which they stressed the need to support UNRWA politically and financially and called on member states and donors to increase funds for UNRWA.

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