Relief Campaign for Palestinian Refugees Kick-Started in Lebanon

Relief Campaign for Palestinian Refugees Kick-Started in Lebanon

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Photo credit: APA

AlWafaa European Campaign has embarked on a so-called “sos4refugees” relief campaign to provide urgent humanitarian assistance for Palestinians taking refuge across the Lebanese territories.

The campaigners said the move will be launched as of December 16 and urged all concerned persons and parties to help in collecting and transferring much-needed aids to Palestinian refugees.

Over 80% of Palestinians from Syria in Lebanon depend on UNRWA aids for survival.

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon continue to express deep concern over their fate in the midst of the large-scale protests sweeping the Lebanese territories in an attempt to topple the incumbent government.

In particular, Palestinian refugees from Syria are reported to lack legal status in Lebanon. The absence of a specific legislation addressing their unique situation along with the inhospitality shown by local authorities combine to make life unbearable for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

The price leap, steep rental fees, expensive education charges, and lack of access to the local labor market, along with the absence of relief aids, have made the situation worse.

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