New Book about Plight of Palestinian Refugees in Syria Sees the Day

New Book about Plight of Palestinian Refugees in Syria Sees the Day

Two men on their wheelchairs, wait to receive food supplies at a damaged street in the besieged Yarmouk refugee camp, on the southern edge of the Syrian capital Damascus, Syria, Thursday April 24, 2014. Credit: AP

A new book entitled “Palestinians of Syria…Violation of Rights and Identity Challenges” has been recently published by the Omran Strategic Studies Center.

Written by lawyer Ayman Fahmi Abu Hashem, the 100-page book tackles the repercussions of the Syrian conflict on the legal situation of Palestinian refugees within the national and international frames of history, identity, and asylum-seeking journeys. A critical reading of the ensuing dialectics of selfhood figures in the book.

The author, Ayman Fahmi Abu Hashem, said the book underscores the gross violations committed against the Palestinians of Syria and the infringement of their basic rights.

He said the study is a fact-based reference as it provides authentic data about the breaches perpetrated by the incumbent regime and its responsibility in the displacement and plight of Palestinian refugees.

After eight years of conflict, Palestine refugees continue to be one of the most vulnerable groups in Syria with immense humanitarian needs.

Rights groups have frequently warned that Palestinian refugees have been made to endure movement restrictions, arbitrary abductions, harsh torture in jail, a crippling blockade, life-threatening undernourishment, and denial of basic human rights among other violations across the Syrian territories.

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