Legal Disclaimer

We would like to inform our followers and subscribers that any type of document, including statements, reports, petitions, and news features, published on behalf of PRC or in which PRC figures as a signatory do not represent PRC’s official position.

Unless such documents are published on PRC’s official website and social media pages, such material shall remain unreflective of the unified stance taken on board by PRC’s senior editors.

PRC is not, therefore, legally or morally responsible for any material attributed to it, except by one of its aforementioned official data sources.

PRC reiterates the fact that it is an independent, non-partisan, organization committed to advocating for Palestinian refugees, in accordance with the historical, political and legal basis of the right to return.

Although PRC is Palestinian in origin, it is not affiliated with any particular organization or party. We work on the assumption that Palestinians’ inalienable rights, most notably the right of return to their homeland, are enshrined in international humanitarian law and relevant UN resolutions.

In July 2015, PRC was granted consultative status at the United Nations as a Non-governmental organization (NGO) in special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), in recognition of its efforts in standing up for Palestinian human rights.

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