PRC releases Journal of Palestinian Refugee Studies (JPRS)

PRC releases Journal of Palestinian Refugee Studies (JPRS)

The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) is delighted to introduce the first edition of the Journal of Palestinian Refugee Studies (JPRS). This work is a valuable addition to the activities of PRC. The journal includes valuable materials on the issue of Palestinian refugees.

Academics, journalists, researchers and politicians contributed with their valuable opinions, analysis, experience and efforts to this new journal. The Journal which is available at PRC is published twice a year and can be read online or requested from PRC office in London.Reputable persons contributed to the Journal like UNRWA ex commissioner, Karen Abu Zayd, Dr Salman Abu Sitta, Dr Ghada Karmi and PRC General Director Majed Al Zeer. Other writers included Rachael M. Rudolph PhD, Anicée Van Engeland, Greta Zeender, Nasim Ahmed, Terry Rempel, Tom Charles, Karim Khalil and Nora Barrows-Friedman. PRC General Director, Majed Al zeer, said that the new journal tries to fill the gap regarding the issue of Palestinian Refugees, which is not discussed in great detail in the public domain. “Our extensive experience and contacts has encouraged us to embark on this project in creating this new space for discussing the plight of Palestinian refugees. We hope to draw opinions from all aspects of the political, academic, legal and humanitarian sections to discuss every dimension of the plight of Palestinian refugees.” Said Al ZeerPRC hopes that this Journal will be a lively contribution that helps in exploring the controversial and the non controversial aspects of this intractable conflict. Ultimately PRC hopes that the opinions voiced here will not just be a resource for practitioners in the field of Palestinian refugees, but it will also shape the political process.


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Publisher:The Palestinian Return Centre is an independent consultancy focusing on the historical, political and legal aspects of the Palestinian Refugees. The organization offers expert advice to various actors and agencies on the question of Palestinian Refugees within the context of the Nakhba - The catastrophe following the forced displacement of Palestinians in 1948 - and serves as an information repository on other related aspects of the Palestine question and the Arab-Israeli conflict. It specializes in the research, analysis, and monitor of issues pertaining to the dispersed Palestinians and their internationally recognized legal right to return.

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